Building conversations.


Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis is passionate about civil discourse and creating spaces for people to communicate face-to-face. He’s been doing this since he attended Seeds of Peace, a conflict resolution Summer program, and has continued this work as a junior at Tufts University, with Tufts CIVIC, a multi-partisan discussion club. Podium is the logical next step.

Covie Goh

Ever since learning Photoshop at the age of 9 to design Gundam posters, Covie Goh has since been enthusiastic about graphic design. He has led numerous design teams at Tufts University, and has been involved in various professional design projects. In his spare time, Covie jumps out of perfectly good planes.

Etienne Denis

Etienne began programming in his last year of middle school, continuing through high school with the release of several games on the web and iOS App Store. He is currently a student in the honors CS program at McGill University, and has interned as a SWE at a large ai startup. Studying in Montreal was a natural choice for Etienne as he was raised speaking French at his home in Austin, Texas.